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M&M is Accidentally On Sale

Okay, so here’s the funny thing (technically the title was supposed to be the funny thing). A week or so ago, I announced a book sale for Murder & Mochas. Primarily just because and a little bit to get those tire-kickers to stop kicking. As I said, I’ve got great control over price on the ebook, but less flexibility with the paper edition.

Basically, for the print edition, I mark the price down at CreateSpace and 3-5 business days later it propagates to Amazon. Sunday night I thought about all of the stuff I needed to do Monday and decided just to take care of it, after all it was just a few clicks and I might be on the 5-day plan. Randomly I logged into Amazon today and discovered I was on the 3-day plan!

So the paper edition is on sale a few days early. I’ll leave it on sale through the weekend and then see how long it takes me to turn it off. The Kindle countdown sale will still start at 8 am (EST, I think) on Saturday.


Books Are in the Mail

If you won my Goodreads Giveaway, your book is on its way!!

goodreads giveaway, Murder & Mochas

I am so excited to report that I got all 30 books out yesterday. If you’re in the states, the Post Office said you should get your book this coming Monday or Tuesday! If you’re in Canada, Great Britain, or Australia, well, unfortunately, the U.S. Postal system made no commitments on when you’ll receive your books. BUT they are on the way.

Now for a little review (I’ll do more of an analysis later), I really enjoyed the process and I know that I will do a giveaway with Book 2. First, it was just really cool watching the number of entrants run quickly into the hundreds and then nearly double in the last week. I was astounded to get 1495 people entering my contest! I mean, really? Debut novel of Joe Nobody nets 1495 people saying “sign me up” like wow! I also ended up on more than 600 TBR lists. Very exciting.

The other fun thing was actually packaging up the books. Don’t get me wrong, it was work. It involved several trips to stores, a mistaken Amazon purchase, and a whole lot of typing, cutting, taping, etc. But the whole time I kept seeing these names and trying to imagine the people who were going to get my book, wondering who they were, what their town is like, and how they would react. As I was putting the bubble wrap on and slipping the books into the envelopes I kept how it might feel to receive a signed book that you won! It took me hours to package them all up, but I smiled the whole time. I really felt like I was wrapping Christmas presents for kids I haven’t met, like a Secret Santa.

I’ve never won a book, but I a sure that if I did I would be totally excited, even if I didn’t read it.

I know not all of the winners will like my book and they probably won’t all read it. That’s fine, it doesn’t change that it was fun to do and I’m sure they’ll have enjoy receiving the book. I’m also sure that some of the winners will like it and that’s really fun for both of us.

So if you’re a winner, be on the look out for your book. Tweet @rhettbigler a picture of your book when you get it and if you like it, share a favorite quote from it on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. and please write a review for Goodreads and Amazon.

Goodreads Giveaway Book Signing Video

Not surprisingly, I entertained myself for the book signing. But I did have a lot of fun. If you’re one of the winners, you can hit the playback and see your book get signed.

I will be getting the books out this week. The next challenge is getting the right sized envelopes (the first batch I ordered were actually too small). I’ll keep you posted on that.

I am particularly curious on how long it will take the books to make it to their destinations, so drop me a note or tweet and let me know when you get your book and if it arrived in decent shape. BONUS POINTS if you tweet @rhettbigler a picture of your book!!

Goodreads Giveaway Book Signing

Sunday, January 26th 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM EST.

Event Link.

Those of you who follow me have probably been wondering when I was going to post this. Well . . .  I had to work through a few technical glitches the past several evenings in order to figure out how to schedule it (I haven’t tested it yet, so the first one might be a bit of a rodeo). Anyway, I finally got it all figured out and on the official schedule. Yay me!

Okay, the idea is simple — I’m giving away 30 signed copies of my debut novel (you can still enter until midnight January 25th). On Saturday, I’ll get a list of the 30 winners, then I’ll need to sign and mail the books.

So I thought, why not have a little signing hangout? Anyone can drop by for a chat or to watch me work through signing 30 books! Of course if you’re a winner, it would be great for you to stop in, so that I can personalize signing the book to you!

Point of procedure — I will be signing the books in alphabetical order, so show up early if you’re on the list and particularly if you’re in the front half of the alphabet.

I’m excited and looking forward to seeing you, well someone I hope, at the event.

My Twitter Experiment Day 14

It has been interesting. I woke up to find my Twitter account suspended today, but more on that later.

As I said when I started this, I’m basically using the method Joel Friedlander suggested. I find writers I like and scroll through their followers looking for people to follow. I skip eggs. If accounts have a picture, but don’t have a profile description I click to see if they’re being used and if it looks like the person is not active, I skip them. I skip business accounts, most with a “social media” description. I skip authors, although I do follow people with “Writer” if it looks like that is an interest as opposed to an aspiration or profession. Also, I have a double exception if I see a writer’s profile that somehow appeals to me. So I am pretty closely following his method, which is so supposed to add 30 people to my following list in about 6 minutes. Here is my average daily increase in how many people I’m following:

  • Week 1 – 26
  • Week 2 – 31

For followers, Joel said that people will follow you back (that’s proper edict) and you’ll pick up 15-20 per 30 that you follow. So far, not quite, although there was a distinct difference from Week 1 to Week 2:

  • Week 1 – 4
  • Week 2 – 11

The other interesting thing as I moved into Week 2 was that I began to get a couple of people each day initiating a follow with me instead of visa-versa. Also, I started to get some retweets and inquiries about my novel. Just a few each, but that’s still greater than the zero I had been getting. Also, Twitter is now becoming a meaningful contributor of traffic to my blog (keeping in mind that all numbers are low).

In terms of my interactions, I send a direct message to everyone who follows me with a Thank you. I respond to all direct messages (I’ve even been interviewed for a school project – how cool is that!). I pick one new person to send a tweet to each day (something I picked up from the comments in Joel’s article), usually when something jumps out or amuses me in someone’s profile description. And I tweet on occasion, but still not daily.

Which leads me to my surprise and dismay at my account being suspended. They sent me a link to the rules, but I was still mystified after reading them. The only thing that I can figure is that adding 180 followings in a week is too many, which seems odd since one of the objectives is to follow and be followed. The only other thought I had was that maybe someone thought that I was spamming, but that’s almost comical. I’ve tweeted 21 times in the last week. Of those, 3 are about my book/book giveaway, 1 is my standard link to a new blog entry, and one is a retweet of a Hugh Howey article on Indie publishing. The rest were to actual people. Not exactly a spamfest.

Anyway, I took today off from adding new followings, but I do intend to keep the experiment going for a while to see what it yields.

First Reviews Are In

And they’re good!

I love how Liz B characterizes Murder & Mochas as a genre mash-up.

I love genre mash-ups, so this was a really fun read. It’s noir mystery meets Southern gothic meets sci-fi, plus a lot of humor. The main character, Kurt West, is a tough but loveable bounty hunter who also happens to be a hired gun for North Carolina’s alien affairs bureau (the only one in the country, because it’s a state issue and none of DC’s damned business!). The only inter-dimensional portal that allows aliens to come to Earth, on diplomatic missions and tourism trips, happens to open into Chapel Hill, NC. A lot of the humor comes from the setting of all this interplanetary intrigue in a small college town in the American South. The locations in the book are all real, too, and it’s clear the author knows the town and its environs really well.

The story takes place over a few days as Kurt has to solve the murder of an alien diplomat before the murderer can escape off the planet, while also trying to catch a human bounty for his full-time boss and dealing with obstructionist alien diplomats and a whole bunch of colorful “ET” characters (lizard aliens who will tell you anything you want to hear for a mocha and an omelet, for example). There’s also a cool Mos Eisley-esque alien bazaar located in a fourth dimension within Chapel Hill that he frequents when he needs to talk to shady types.

Overall, a really good read, and a cool concept for mystery and sci-fi fans.

Kevin Dawson’s first line cracks me up. I wish I had thought of it.

Kurt West is a new type of gritty hero, flawed and not perfect, a regular guy we can all relate to (he doesn’t get the girl). This book is a fresh take on the whole aliens on earth scenario with multiple genres stirred together for added fun. A tight dead line, sarcastic bounty/alien hunter with a soft side , voluptuous aliens, large caliber firearms, alien technology, carcinogen belching V8 engines, omelet eating lizards, an alien bazaar area that’s like the wild west, and beer; what’s not to like?

It’s an awesome read, I couldn’t put it down until I finished. The only downside was not being able to find a book two…

You can Murder & Mochas  ebook on Amazon and the paper version at CreateSpace.

Murder & Mochas.Cover.Final.Internet Use

Book Cover Mock-Up

I spent some time playing with ideas for the cover for BC1 yesterday and here’s a mock-up:

Rhett's book cover (mock up)

I Like It!

Now this is not the final version. The model will be dressed different with some accouterments and placed a little more in the foreground. But this is the location. Also, this is still just the working title. I have yet to come up with something snappy for the final title, but hey, I’ve got 27 days to figure it out. I’ll probably choose a different font, although that’s something that I hadn’t thought of, at all, until yesterday. I might go with something simple like courier, but man there a lot of font choices.

Anyway, I’m excited. It’s really cool to see the idea coming together and it makes the book look and feel real and that’s exciting. I kept showing it to people yesterday. Well, actually just to my girlfriend, over and over, but I think that counts.

I didn’t get much editing done yesterday, but I feel really pleased with my progress on the cover. So even though I need a big day today, I feel quite enthused and I am feeling like — “No Problem.”

Also, it is great to have help and support from friends. Thank you Kevin, Abel, Lisa, Daylin, & Fabian.

On to editing!

P.S. I like the cover mock-up.