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M&M is Accidentally On Sale

Okay, so here’s the funny thing (technically the title was supposed to be the funny thing). A week or so ago, I announced a book sale for Murder & Mochas. Primarily just because and a little bit to get those tire-kickers to stop kicking. As I said, I’ve got great control over price on the ebook, but less flexibility with the paper edition.

Basically, for the print edition, I mark the price down at CreateSpace and 3-5 business days later it propagates to Amazon. Sunday night I thought about all of the stuff I needed to do Monday and decided just to take care of it, after all it was just a few clicks and I might be on the 5-day plan. Randomly I logged into Amazon today and discovered I was on the 3-day plan!

So the paper edition is on sale a few days early. I’ll leave it on sale through the weekend and then see how long it takes me to turn it off. The Kindle countdown sale will still start at 8 am (EST, I think) on Saturday.


Some Good Reviews

One nice outcome from doing the Goodreads Giveaway is that Murder & Mochas is getting more reviews!

Now the main reason I did the giveaway was to put the book in readers hands:

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads

But it’s a bonus when they read it and leave a good review. For instance, Vicki gave Murder & Mochas 5 out of 5 stars:

From the second that I opened this book, I was hooked. Within the first few sentences you are introduced to our main character Kurt West, bounty hunter extraordinaire, who is sitting in a Starbucks and watching an alien. This part alone brought up so many questions in my head about the world that Mr. Bigler had created, like why were the aliens here and did everyone know about them. So I had to read on in order to find out. . . .

To end things, I loved this book. It was a classic who-dun-it but with a sarcastically fun detective, aliens and a small southern town thrown into the mix. And for all those additions it doesn’t lose any of the classic fun that you can find in other mystery novels. I can’t wait for next one!

 And what more could a writer ask for than a smiling reader

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads, Leicester City

and a 4 out of 5 stars review:

I was attracted by the premise of the book, a sci-fi detective story. . . .

A real page turner: fast paced, full of suspense, imaginative and packed with twists and turns which had me guessing till the end. The protagonist was believable, likeable and therefore added to the story immensely – Kurt was flawed, sometimes trying (and amusingly failing) to be sarcastic and funny. All the secondary characters were detailed. I enjoyed the flow of the writing and it felt easy to read. . . .

Overall, great plot, good characters, fun read. Really enjoyed and can’t wait for the sequel to come out later in the year.

Thanks Vicki & Tm for the nice reviews. Good news is that book 2 is on track!



Book Sale!!

Murder &  Mochas will be on sale March 1st-3rd!

Murder & Mochas

Why you wonder am I putting it on sale?? Well, I know a number of people who have said that they’ve “been meaning to get a copy,” but haven’t quite gotten around to it. Now I’m not going to name any names (Patti), but it seems to me that this would be an excellent time to pick up a copy. So if you’ve been meaning to get a copy (Dan) or it’s been sitting on your TBR shelf on Goodreads (Debbie), Mar 1st-3rd is the time for you to buy.

You don’t have to read it right away, but you can save yourself a few bucks.

The ebook will go on sale at 8 am on the 1st for $1.99. Then it will go to $2.99 on the 2nd and $3.99 on the 3rd. Regular price resumes on the 4th. I’ve got less flexibility with the paper version, so I’ll have it discounted ~25% for the three days of the sale.

If you’ve read it and liked it, help me spread the word.


Murder & Mochas at Kitty O’Sheas

My friend in the Isle of Jersey managed to wrestle her copy of Murder & Mochas away from her husband long enough to take it to her favorite Irish Pub. Although there is an Irish Pub in the book, as far as I know, this is the first time the book has been in an Irish Pub.

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads, Irish Pub

Murder & Mochas perusing the selection.

After selecting some cider, they sat down to watch some women’s rugby. France v. Italy in Six Nations competition. Italy put up a strong initial showing, before France just over powered them to win 29-0.

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads, Rugby

Murder & Mochas enjoys its first women’s rugby match and first cider.

All in all, it was a fun weekend for the book. I wonder where it will turn up next??


What Do You Do When Someone from the UK

Tweets you a picture of your book, while he’s wearing the jersey for his favorite football team?

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads, Leicester City

Leicester City Football Jersey

Why you ask him to take the book to the game, naturally.

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads, Leicester City

My book entering its first ever football match.

As the players came onto the pitch, they were greeted by 25,000 screaming fans and 1 book.

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads, Leicester City

Moments later, the book got dropped in the seat 😉

For those of you wondering, Watford (the away team) took a lead, against the flow of play, deep into stoppage time. In the 94th minute, yes you read that right (94th), Danny Drinkwater scored on a volley from twenty yards out to tie the match and keep Leicester City’s 11 game unbeaten streak alive. I wish I could have seen it.

Not surprisingly, the book’s host nearly lost his voice.

Thanks Tim for taking my book along and for sending me the pictures. I’m glad you didn’t need to read it during the match!

1st Picture in Great Britain

I got a lovely thank you tweet today from the island of Jersey. When I asked Beth for a picture of the book, she had to wrestle it away from her husband who had absconded with what he termed “my kind of book.” She did get it back long enough to send this “upskirt shot.” Lovely!

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads

1st Tweeted Picture from Great Britain

Now one of the really fun things here is how she came to be a winner. I started following her during the course of my twitter experiment and she saw me tweeting about trying to get to a 1,000 entries in my Goodreads Book Giveaway (eventually I hit 1495). She entered, then, lo and behold, she won!

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads

Her favorite (<– I’m a Yank, I don’t use the u) part.

Shortly after this picture, her husband, wrestled the book back for continued reading; however, she has promised to take the book to the pub next weekend and send me the first shot of my novel on its pub tour (I’m hoping for a shot with her rugby team as well)!

3.5 People Are Reading My Book

So this morning I popped onto Goodreads (I don’t remember why now). When I log in it shows me some basic stats on my book in the upper right-hand corner. This morning I noticed the number of people who had “Added” Murder & Mochas had gone down a couple, so I clicked the link to see if that was accurate. Technically it was –a couple of people had moved my book to the “Currently Reading” shelf!

Murder & Mochas, Goodreads

Okay, I know it was only two people and way more than two people have my book (I mean like literally way more than double that), BUT to suddenly see (split infinitives be damned!) evidence of real, live, human beings, complete strangers, actually “READING” my book. Well that’s just a thrill! (– insert fireworks here–)

There are lots of reasons whyI am doing this, but #1 is simply to be read. I want people to read and enjoy my books. And there are some reading it Right Now (well maybe not right now, but at least earlier today or yesterday). I’ve had a little bit of a buzz all day because of it. I keep wondering what they think of it, what part they’re on, if they’re enjoying it, how they might react to that, if they’ll write a review, send me an e-mail, or tweet . . . etc, etc.

</happy rant>

Okay, for those of you who have stuck with this post up to this point and are still wondering about the fuzzy math, it’s simple. I checked again right before writing this post (just to make sure someone is still reading my book) and it shows “Currently Reading 4,” but when I click on details it shows me three people. So I split the difference, 3.5. Maybe someone is only half reading it, or half paying attention, or it could just be bad code on the web site. Either way, the number is larger than 0 and that has me happy!