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5 Star Review for Mercury & Murder

Mercury & Murder has gotten its first review from my Goodreads Giveaway. And I am totally stoked that Bernie gave the book 5 Stars! Here is what he had to say:

A lot is happening in the small college town of Chapel-Hill. Halloween and alien tourists is an explosive combination. Throw in a mass murderer and things are bound to happen. Kurt West thinks he is on top of it but he needs a lot of help along the way. There are enough twists and turns to keep anyone’s attention. This book will appeals to science fiction and murder mystery enthusiasts. I have not read the fist book but after reading this book I intend to get it. I also look forward to the next book in the series.

Mercury & Murder

Thanks for the good review Bernie. I hope you pick Murder & Mochas up and enjoy it!

If you would like to read the review yourself or check out Goodreads, you can find the review here.


And … They’re Off

Goodreads giveaway books are in the mail!

BC2 Goodreads Giveaway 2

As a minor aside, I once again walked into the Post Office to a long line. Uncontrollably, a heavy sigh issued from  my lips. Yet, I was amazed at how quickly the line moved. Unless of course, you were one of the people behind me and my 4 international and 29 domestic books to be shipped. Yeah, apparently, I’m that guy. The postal workers did their best, but 45 minutes later there was a line to the door and I was the apparent cause of the heavy sighs. So if you happened to be stuck in the Chapel Hill Post Office longer than you wanted to be this fine Saturday, my apologies. But take solace in the fact that over the next week (or so) thirty some people will be happy to receive their free books. Some of them may even like the book!

Now, if I can just get real about some marketing, I may be able to get these sales nudged past their current dribble.

Mercury & Murder Goodreads Giveaway

Better late than never!

Okay, short version – I am amazingly tardy getting the books in the mail for my last Goodreads giveaway. International travel, vacations, and an outsized plan doomed me. Last time I scheduled a Google Hangout book signing and every time I looked at the calendar I just couldn’t find a time that worked for that. Note-to-self, keep it simple!


BC2 Goodreads Giveaway 2

So, after jettisoning the overly complicated plan … two trips to Staples, 6+ hours, and we’ll call it A beer, I’ve got the books ready to go (along with an appropriately contrite letter of apology for my tardiness). With a little luck, I’ll get some good reviews.

Next stop, the post office. After some sleep, of course.

First Copy of Mercury & Murder

I present to you the very first printed copy of Mercury & Murder!

Mercury & Murder is Uploaded!!

I have finally finished. It took quite the effort over the last week, but my new baby is out of the nest. I am excited and frankly tired of staring at a computer screen.



Time to celebrate! If you’re wondering about the beer selection, you’ll just have to read the book. It will be on sale through Amazon later tonight.

Couldn’t Sleep

That’s unusual for me. Normally, when my head hits the pillow I am out. I sometimes joke that I can sleep on command. But not this week. The past couple of nights I can’t stay awake when watching TV with my son at 7:30-8:00. I go to bed at 10:00 or 11:00 and I’m solidly out for two hours. Then, I have trouble getting back to sleep.The last couple of nights it has taken a couple of hours, but tonight I didn’t get back to sleep at all. I tried everything — reading, warm milk, the other side of the pillow, the other side of the other pillow, watching TV. Nothing. So I’ve finally given up. I was going to get up in half an hour to do some work on Mercury & Murder, so I guess I’ll just get an early start. That feels nice and productive, but man the afternoon today is probably going to be brutal!

So Why All of the Silence?

As some of you have noticed (and even asked), what’s up with the writing and why has the blog gone silent? It’s simple-ish. Really. I bought a house. Technically a fixer-upper. Now to be clear, not a fixer-upper in the rat infestation in the basement, crumbling foundation, WFT-OMG, vane of things. It’s more in the yard is a jungle, and the color selections were Pepto Bismal pink, salmon, purple, and what-were-they-thinking green, vein of things. Maybe you already see where this is going.

So, I took some time off work to work on it and the first day of the project I’m having lunch with two of my best buds and I ask them how I get rid of the odor in the house. “Gotta tear out the carpets.” I hadn’t planned on that, but it was easy and fun – out they went. While staring at the subfloor for hours doing the interminable job of removing the leftover staples, I found myself staring at what I now determined to be the crappiest bathroom floor I had ever seen. Its only redeeming value was that it covered the 1974 turquoise barf-pattern, original flooring. I took the bathroom apart and all of that came out as well. Then, although I had only planned to take the popcorn ceilings down in the two rooms I had planned to paint, once I got started I discovered it was easy. So, naturally, I did all five rooms upstairs and the hallway. Turns out the post-removal sanding is the hard part. My shoulders still ache.

Somewhere in the midst of trying to sand, fix, caulk, and tile, I moved my son and I in. Into temporary quarters in the den and bonus room, while I attempted to put the upstairs back together. Technically, the upstairs is mostly back together at this point – we’re sleeping upstairs and both bathrooms are half working. But I still need to move some furniture up, do lots of unpacking, and some finishing work. By the way, that’s the short version of the story.

So from the end of June until now, weekends and evenings and some very late nights, have been consumed with the project and the only work I’ve done on Mercury and Murder is to reread it.

At first I was okay with taking a break from the writing. It was supposed to be a short break and I did need to fix up my house and get my son and I settled into it, after all. But the scope expanded, then expanded again. The weeks moved into months and here I am three months and two weeks later and I’m feeling actual angst at not having worked on the book in three+ months. It could have been out by now!!

Now that the angst of needing to write has finally overtaken the angst of needing to finish the house and starting today I’m going to be nibbling on both. I don’t have a firm re-revised date for getting the book out, but December 1st feels semi-realistic, so I’ll aim for that and see how the next ten weeks go.